Swimrun SR02+ Men’s


Swimrun SR02+ Men’s

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The multi award winning Swimrun wetsuit SR02 has now been updated into the SR02+ and we have kept the same construction and high end material as before, with the difference that the SR02+ comes with short legs and long arms.

SR02+ is made by Yamamoto 39 and 40 cells material, from Japan and by using more than 20 different panels, we have created what is regarded to be one of the best Swimrun wetsuits ever made. SR02+ gives a combination of flexibility, stretch when swimming and running but at the same time keeping the buoyancy when swimming.

The focus for Colting Wetsuits’ new wetsuit model SWIMRUN SR02+ has been to develop a wetsuit that is optimised for speed and agility on land but at the same time has enough surface power to provide the user with a balanced and optimal position in the water. By changing our wetsuit design from scratch, we at Colting Wetsuits are proud to offer one of the lightest and cleverest wetsuits for Swimrun on the market.

“The SR02 Colting surely sets a standard!” – Slowtwitch

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