Swimrun Pants SRP03


Swimrun Pants SRP03

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Many people love the sport of Swimrun because of the feeling of freedom. When listening to Swimrunners around the world, what they want to wear instead of a normal wetsuit to increase the feeling of freedom even more, we came up with something we call Swimrunpants SRP03.

The Swimrunpants SRP03 is the perfect training and racing aide for those who compete in sprints or Swimrun races in warmer waters. The Swimrunpants gives you the optimal water position with perfect lift in the hips and thighs without compromising on body rotation or leg kicking balance

The Swimrunpants SRP03 is a perfect choice together with the Swimrun Jersey SRJ03 from Colting Wetsuits to get optimal feeling of freedom and still get the buoyancy needed.

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For the ultimate fit around the hips, we’ve developed HIP SEAL™. An extremely flexible material, which together with the lacing function, keeps water out and allows the pants to fit perfectly around the hips.

Power Thighâ„¢ are 10 mm panels which are placed on the thighs made in a water resistant natural rubber which have an incredible floating capacity while not absorbing any water. By using integrated power thighs, you get optimal balance and position in the water while you get your hips and legs higher, even when you use shoes during a swim.

R019 is a special material used on the Swimrunpants to meet the tough conditions you often meet on a Swimrunrace. It is extremely flexible and very durable against scratches

Thinner material in crotch area to reduce chafing

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