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No other company has more experience than Colting Wetsuits in designing a swimrun wetsuit based on Jonas Colting’s training and racing career in swimrun, 3 time winner of the Ötillö World Championships and dubbed King of Ötillö. Jonas has designed and developed a swimrun wetsuit that is optimised for speed and agility on land but at the same time has enough surface power to provide the user with a balanced and optimal position in the water. The SR02 is the 2017 test winner by World of Swimrun.

Yes you can but it’s not designed to run in so you might experience chafing and restrictions in movement possibly causing you to fatigue faster as well as possible injuries.

Swimming in your running shoes will reduce the buoyancy of your legs. To help with this, Colting has created the perfect tool to increase the buoyancy of the legs as well as providing increased leg surface to optimize body position in the water which will reduce fatigue and increase speed.

Paddles can be an effective tool when used with proper training and technique. It is important to slowly build up your time using paddles to properly condition your muscles and develop good technique. It is always good to start with smaller paddles and progress to a larger one as you get stronger. This is why Colting offers 3 sizes.

Most races require the team to be within 10 meters or 30 feet of each other, so a tether would aid in keeping you and your partner within that distance. In some races, this rule is crucial for safety reasons when swimming in open water. The swimrun cord can also be used to pull the weaker swimmer along in the water.

Colting Wetsuits is much more than just swimrun. With Jonas Colting’s winning experience and race career in triathlons, Colting Wetsuits has developed one of the fastest open water wetsuits on the market, the T03. Colting Wetsuits is committed to continue research and develop products that enhance the open water swimmers’ experience and make them faster.

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