History of Colting Wetsuits


Jonas Colting was introduced to swimming when he was 10 years old and immediately fell in love with it. Especially learning and mastering the four different strokes, difficult and challenging drills, sets and workouts.

The love for swimming grew even stronger once he got into triathlon and open water. An entire new world was presented, a world not restricted by lane ropes and pool walls. A new world where the great wide open and the spectacular swimming adventure awaited!

The love for swimming and endurance training led to a career for Jonas Colting as a professional triathlete in which he won several World Championships, several international podiums and three victories in Ă–TILLĂ– Swimrun, the swimrun World Championship. And the yearning for the great swimming adventure didn't fade over the years but rather grew stronger.

Jonas has always searched for the perfect wetsuit. A wetsuit soft and flexible enough to provide range of motion but at the same time with enough lift and float that will enable an ideal position in the water. A wetsuit that feels light to wear but yet protects from being cold. A wetsuit with the perfect symmetry and construction that will maximize speed and functionality in open water. A wetsuit that will come on and off with ease and feels like second nature to the swimmer's body. And finally a wetsuit with good looks and an attractive design that stands out among other brands.

It's been an on-going quest to find the perfect wetsuit but after 25 years of swimming in numerous wetsuits, some good and some not so good, the long wait is finally over! Jonas decided the time had come to stop waiting for someone to build the perfect wetsuit and instead designed it himself. The result is Colting Wetsuits and we're proud to be able to deliver a speedy, soft, warm, functional and great looking wetsuit.

Jonas Colting


Jonas Colting has won six World and European medals in the triathlon and has been competing in the sport since 1991. He has won the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii twice. He has also won the Swimrun Ă–tillĂ– three times and is the only person who has done the race every year since its inception in 2006. He has been highly involved in the development of the sport Swimrun from an obscure phenomenon to an international Sport.

With his background in the sport of swimming, Jonas has always been a passionate open water swimmer.

Jonas passion for swimming, exercise and health extends far beyond his racing career with four published books, lectures, coaching and camps on their own.

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